The Peace of mind Bundle

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The Peace of mind Bundle
The Peace of mind Bundle
The Peace of mind Bundle
* Free shipping by selecting '' RECEIVE IT EVERY WEEK '' *Each Peace of mind bundle contains:- 5...
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* Free shipping by selecting '' RECEIVE IT EVERY WEEK '' *

Each Peace of mind bundle contains:

- 5 lunches (2 soups + 3 salads)

- 5 dinners

It is ideal if you want to free yourself from all cooking tasks for your work week. That way, you won't be tempted to succumb to junk food or skipping a meal!

The bundle is made up of a mix of all the dishes from the weekly menu, which changes weekly.

You have two choices for this bundle:

SINGLE PURCHASE (Receive it once):

- You must manually order each week to receive your meals.

- You let us choose the meals for you.

- "Turnkey" solution.


RECURRING PLAN (Receive it every week):

- You get a discount every week by choosing this option!

- Shipping is now free for all subscribers.

- You will receive your meals automatically every week.

- You no longer need to order, we take care of everything.

- We take care of providing you with varied meals every week.

- You have full control of your package via your customer platform where you can:

Skip a week anytime
Change plan if necessary
Cancel your plan whenever you want

- "Turnkey" solution

Whatever your choice is, you keep all your Pūreprep advantages:

◽ Saving 10 hours a week in preparing meals / dishes

◽ Biodegradable and / or compostable containers

◽ Mostly organic

◽ Gluten free

◽ No refined sugar

◽ Free of hydrogenated oils

◽ A big helping hand for the environment

* It is possible to get the same meals more than once in an order.

PS: If you want to change something in your order, such as receiving your meals on Tuesday instead of Monday, you only have to mention it to us when ordering or through our online chat. 💬

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