The Ultimate Fall Cleanse

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The Ultimate Fall Cleanse
Your 4 weeks transformation to reconnect to your Higher self, metamorphose your body from the ins...
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Your 4 weeks transformation to reconnect to your Higher self, metamorphose your body from the inside out and bloom into the best version of yourself!

After having a lot of transformational success in the Spring we decided to create a second edition!

Begins on October 5th

Option 1 - Virtual Guidance ($79.89/week for 4 weeks, total of $319.56)

  • Participate in 4 weekly virtual workshops of 1.5 hour hosted by our founder Julie to guide you through this transformation of your mind and body
  • Receive an eBook with all the guidelines and principles of The Ultimate Fall Cleanse 
  • Be a part of a support group with like minded individuals that will keep you accountable in this journey 
  • Get mentorship and support by Julie 7 days a week for the whole duration of the Cleanse
  • Receive journal prompts, weekly guided meditation recordings, and more value added!

(Available worldwide in English and French)

Option 2 - Virtual Guidance + Cleansing Food ($189.89/week for 4 weeks, total of $759.56)

  • Receive ALL the virtual guidance mentioned in Option 1.
  • Receive weekly supplies of food from Pureprep so that you don't have to worry about cooking the right foods during your cleanse:
    • 5 Fruits medley
    • 5 salads
    • 5 soups
    • 5 snacks

(Available in the Greater Montreal area and surroundings)

The process:

Week 1: Reconnect with your Higher Self and get to know your new community

Week 2 & 3: Rewire your mind by getting rid of limiting beliefs and embodying high vibrational emotions

Week4: Create new wellness habits and rituals that are sustainable

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